M.M. | Social Media Engagement: Value vs. Popularity

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"Look up. What's the first thing you see?"

Oddly enough, this quote isn't even the focus of discussion in this Motivational Minute on Forge Your Potential today. What is it that we focus on? The response we got from posting the quote. As all of you in the Forge Your Potential Legion know, every day we post on social media a quote we've come up with. These are what we use to do the Motivational Minutes. Our daily posts are usually deep, well thought out, and relatable to most all of us. They take time and effort to construct. The response on social media varies, but is generally pretty consistent as far as engagement goes. This simple post was a little different however.

We created the post to encourage engagement, obviously. We wanted people to leave comments, which they did. But what was interesting was the amount of likes specifically that this post received versus our other posts that week. There was nothing profound about this post, nothing with depth, insight, and didn’t even offer value to anyone directly. So what drove the likes? Seeing tons of engagement on something that took zero effort, versus average engagement on something that took time and focused effort, could almost seem like a slap in the face for any creator or artist out there. We've had it happen to us more than once. Something we spend a year on is a flop, and something we spend literally ten minutes on is a hit. It's enough for most content creators to throw up their hands and say, "What. The. Fuck…?" But here's the deal.

Continue to work hard. Continue to create whatever it is that makes you happy, and whatever it is that you're proud of. Don’t ever judge your work based on a response you got from social media, whether it be good or bad. Don't lose hope because after all of your painstaking work, only a few people shared it on social media. Your level of success with people seeing and "interacting" with your content, most likely isn't accurate, and it most certainly doesn't reflect the quality of your work or your creativity. 100 more likes on a post, or 1,000 more views on a video could simply come down to the time of day you posted it. It can even come down to the day of the week you posted. Additionally, you'll notice a large majority of what's popular on social media is absolute garbage. Though there are a lot of great things happening on social media, don't get us wrong. Anyway, whatever the case, don’t ever judge your work based on the opinions of others. Fake and inauthentic likes and comments left by bots and hired hands aren't a valid form affirmation. There's more to life than social media.

Today is the day.



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